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Text Post: Questionnaire results analysis

Now that we’ve had a little time to go over the results, we thought we’d share them with you! We had 333 respondents, with the question about God Tier only have 319 respondents due to a typo correction resetting the question to non-mandatory before we fixed it.

The questionnaire was open for a hair over 24 hours, and we have a sample size approximately equal to 1.5% of the playerbase. While small, we believe this is a reasonable representation to make our assumptions off of.

So, without further ado, lets look at the results! The first question was relating to classpects; or the method through which they’re chosen.

This one went more or less as we predicted with the majority of players wanting the session admins choice. However, if push comes to shove, more are in favour of the quiz. Internally this is one of the most contentious topics - come v2.5, it will be mandatory for time and space players to be involved for a session to be a success. Various angles have been presented - support tickets because players didn’t pay attention/planned poorly, freedom of choice, etc etc. Overall, we’re inclined to go with forcing the quiz on grounds that it ensures players get a fuller expierence and prevents otherwise successful sessions failing. This is still being debated.

The God Tier harshness is also roughly what we expected. While some on the team were promoting extreme penalties, we all think that the 59% of you who want moderate are onto something. ¼ of you wanted slight penalties - after discussing it internally we can see WHY this is, but we feel that moderate to harsh is better from a gameplay perspective. We’ll take a look at the penalties and figure out how we’re playing it.

This is the one that perhaps most surprised us - we expected it to be almost unanimous in favour of kicking idle players! Someone on the team pointed out that it’s likely the people who go idle voting to save themselves. Regardless, vacation mode is a clear winner so that’s how it’ll be implemented. Please note that vacation mode will be account wide, and have a cooldown - you can’t keep spamming it to troll your session mates. Those who activate it too often (as well as those idle kicked too often) will have a note on their profile so that session admins can gauge the risk for themselves of having you in.

This is about what we expected, but the dev team is split in perhaps the opposite direction. While we see the merits of this, we don’t think it’s for the best to implement it - we’ve seen that players will take the path of least resistance when it’s an option rather than engage, so we’re more inclined to say “No, you’re in an Armageddon session with these modifiers - play it” then let people say “Normal, Easy, these modifiers that make things easy”. The consensus from those who’ve weighed in is we’re vetoing this one on grounds that players are a lot more impatient than they want to let on, and the above arguments.

This one doesn’t need much explaining. Art style will be heromode/hussnasty style.

This was the other contentious point in the dev team. As we can see, it’s now pretty clear cut - over 60% of you want a harder game. Of those, over a third want a significantly harder game. We think that somewhere between the two is going to be satisfied by the simple fact that the new mechanics being added add a degree of complexity, but we will of course tweak the numbers side of thing as needed. As a whole, we decided against difficulty options.

Overwhelmingly, the player base is anti-casual, and also anti-hardcore. We’ll aim for around two hours of playtime a day under most conditions - that seems reasonable for what was voted on.

And there you have it! You’re welcome to reply to this post with your own analyses, or hop in the Discord to argue with us directly.


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Text Post:



Have your say on a couple of design points for v2.5! There’s been a few alternative solutions proposed internally to what we were doing, and we’d love to hear what you think we should do.

Morning reblog, given the importance of us getting this right!

15 minutes till we close it! Last chance to have your say.

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Text Post:


Have your say on a couple of design points for v2.5! There’s been a few alternative solutions proposed internally to what we were doing, and we’d love to hear what you think we should do.

Morning reblog, given the importance of us getting this right!

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Text Post:

Have your say on a couple of design points for v2.5! There’s been a few alternative solutions proposed internally to what we were doing, and we’d love to hear what you think we should do.

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Text Post: Trait Progression

Sadly this devblog doesn’t have any pretty art with it, but hopefully you can visualise it just fine.

Remember traits? Sure you do! They’re a big part of the new system. What I haven’t told you about yet is Trait Progression. In addition to abilities scaling up as you climb the rungs or Ascend, Traits also get more potent as you do. Some traits will remain static – but others (especially role-related) will level up with you. They come in three tiers – Tier 1 you start with. Tier 2 is achieved on hitting max rung, and Tier 3 is when you hit max rung on God Tier. Let’s look at a couple examples, because everyone loves examples.


Accurate (Tier 1) - Ranged weapons get a 2% bonus chance to crit, but you’re weaker with close-range and melee weapons. Due to your aversion to getting up close and personal, you have a relatively low pain threshold, and as such take more damage.

Sharpshooter (Tier 2) -  You now have a 5% bonus chance to crit, but non-ranged weapons do even less damage, and will NEVER crit.

Vanguard Sharpshooter (Tier 3) – You’re at the pinnacle of skill for tracking and scouting. You can predict what enemies you’ll next face with 50% accuracy, allowing you to prepare accordingly. Visiting allies lands allows them to benefit from your wisdom for their next three strifes. All damage resistances gained from consumables, armour, or other wearables are completely negated.


Savage (Tier 1) – You have a higher damage resistance and your damage with blades is increased, but your agility takes a hit.

Tough Guy (Tier 2) – Your DR increases further, but your max HP falls slightly to compensate.

Tactical Instructor (Tier 3) – Manual trait. The Tier 2 boost remains passive. Teammates in strifes with you benefit from your experience, gaining a crit chance boost, DR boost, and damage boost. While this trait is active, you cannot attack.

As you can see, the Tier 3 traits are extremely powerful, but come with even harsher drawbacks. But wait! There’s more! If you go God Tier and then die permanently, you get granted another trait that sticks with your team. Depending on how you died, it gives one of two death traits. To stick with one of the roles we had above:


The Honoured Dead (Heroic Death) – It is a good day to die. Your honour follows you into the afterlife, and your ancestors rally to cause – your teammates receive a flat 5% boost to all damage resistances, but lose a percentage of their damage output.  

The Dishonoured Dead (Just Death) – It is not a good day to die. Your dishonour follows you into the afterlife, and your teammates fight without honour - doing more damage, at a penalty of -5% to all damage resistances.

The Heroic/Just traits are VERY tentative, and are likely to be tweaked a lot. Obviously, we don’t want to encourage people to die. As per usual, nothing is final until it makes it to the game.

Let us know what you think!

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Text Post: Join the Team!

Things are gearing up over here. Have you ever wanted to work on Overseer? Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president skilled coder, writer or artist? If so, we want you! Head over to and check out what positions are available.

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Text Post: Overseer v2.5: FAQ Part 2

Q: How will quests be handled?

Largely tied into the LE system; but if you meant what TYPES of quests…

Fetch quests will, obviously, be a thing. Just less of them. As well as that, there’ll obviously be a few combat oriented ones.

But I’m also writing a few quest lines (yes, chains!) - especially for when dreaming - involving dialogue, and puzzles. More details on those later.

Q: Will strife be more visually interesting?

This one is a resounding “maybe”. We’ve had a few ideas floated in the dev channels about how we MIGHT be able to have some sort of character customisation. If we can do that, we might be able to have some sort of graphics involved in strifes.

I think it’s an interesting enough idea that at the next meeting, I’m going to suggest we take a break from actual development work to look into it and try it out - I think it’d add enough flavour that it’s worth it.

For now though, please don’t hold your collective breath; it’s just an idea and it may be too much work to do properly with the resources we have.

Q: Will you be running a beta?

As parts of v2.5 become complete, we’ll announce mass tests. These tests will be specifically for testing these aspects - once the test is over, the dev build will be locked down again - it’s likely that accounts and such will be reset (characters definitely will be). The ONLY place to hear about these tests is the Discord - primarily so we can work with you live to hotfix bugs that are hotfixable. Participants will receive an achievement to their account on live after release.

Q: Any more info on the Stock Exchange?

We’re likely removing boondollars from the equation entirely. It’ll now be pure grist-to-grist - it’ll take large quantities of grist as well, so it’s a late-game tool. Think of it as closer to FOREX. 

Q: Will there be ways to communicate in-game?

Yes - Messaging will make a return, and we’re custom writing forum software. The forums will be tied to your game account, and you’ll be able to post as your characters in a role-play context if desired. Additionally, sessions may recieve their own private subforum for group communication where messages may not suffice.

Mon, 05 Sep 2016 06:43:31

Text Post: v2.5 FAQs: Part 1

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately, and some are repeats. Since v2.5 is in active development, I decided to answer some of them while we wait!

Q: Will mobile be supported?

A. No. This is something we’ve had to think about, and the short version is, it’s a toss up between 20% of our userbase, or making the game actually good. We’ve opted for the latter. Some of the new features are mobile unfriendly - namely, Openbound. If you couldn’t play the Meenahquest stuff in the comic, you won’t be able to play Overseer. THAT SAID: If we can find a way to add button controls, we will. But we’re not developing or testing explicitly for mobile, sorry.

Q: How are classpects going to be decided?

On character creation, you’ll take a short quiz, with the questions selected from a pool. This will give the system a baseline on you. From there, your playstyle determines your exact class and aspect. It won’t be finalised until part way through the session, after the chain is closed. Sessions with more than 12 people will start doubling up on classes and aspects. Sessions with more than 144 people - which we strongly advise against - will double up on combinations too.

Q: Will Godtier be implemented?

Yes. Going God Tier will bring both benefits and drawbacks. Think of it like an extremely powerful trait. Exact drawbacks and benefits are still being discussed; but it will necessitate a significant playstyle change.

Q: Will you be able to Scratch?


Q: Will you be able to frog  breed?


Q: How will Land exploration/Consorts work?

Land Exploration is being moved to Openbound. On character creation, the server will start generating a custom land unique to you*. You’ll explore this through a modified Openbound engine. Features of your land will include consort villages, dungeons, areas to explore, etc etc.

Consorts will recieve a complete revamp, and act more like an army. Instead of hiring them, they volunteer - their barracks will be somewhere within your first gate. More quests = more volunteers. You can invest boondollars into them and they’ll organise and equip themselves better - as a reward, you can summon them in strife to act as a support unit for you in those particularly troublesome battles. They will no longer gather grist for you.

*This is the ideal scenario. In a worst case scenario, if we find we don’t have the resources to make it work properly, we’ll manually create several land layouts and use those instead.

Q: Are you planning to refine the types of grist, or will you keep it at the current 50?

Up for debate. We’re looking at grists because we’re very much aware that people are dissatisfied with the current system. Possibilities are removing redundant types, dynamic allocation based on session population, etc.

Q: Will [x]kind still be around?“

We can’t comment on individual specibii at the moment, but we plan on condensing the number available to around 15-20 to encourage populating them properly.

Q: Will team dream strifing be implemented?

Dream strifing is recieving a design pass. It may be removed altogether in favour of minigames. Perhaps gambling on Derse?

Q: Can you meet other session players in the openbound-style things?

We can’t promise anything, but we’re making this a priority to look into. It’s more complicated than it looks.

Q: Will there be grist limits?

The Grist Cache will be making an appearance. You can increase your limit by levelling up, or going God Tier.

Q: Will overseer be any more/less grindy?

Depends how you look at it. Fatigue is recieving a huge buff to discourage constant strifing. Additionally, levelling is being replaced with an experience system. You’re highly encouraged to make use of the other aspects of the game. In this way, it’s more grindy. On the other hand - there’s really no pressure at all to hit Rung 612 on your first day!

Q: What non-canon session types are there?

A sample of potential session types:

Normal, Null and Void are all the same as whats in the comic, no need to go into those.
Armageddon Sessions: Hard Mode - Either +25% or double alchemy costs. Consumables have half effect, fatigue accrues at double rate. High difficulty random events are more common, low difficulty ones wont happen at all.
Glitch: Random stats change. The Bug is encountered. Limiters are removed, items occasionally replaced with ERRORs. Bleeding into/from other sessions possible.
Cataclysmic Variable: Support abilities are buffed, but any sort of passive regens are nerfed.
Wolf-Rayet: Aspect Vial goes further, and everything is harder to hit, but quishier.
Intervention: Two possibilities. - Possibility one: The Overseer shows up to help you. Session is slightly easier. - Possibility two: Thellere shows up to hinder you. Session is slightly harder. In these situations, it’ll usually be an AI or occasionally actually us doing it. Can double up with another session type.
Oversight: Players receive more information on the world and their session. Can double up with another session type.
Forgotten Core: This session seems half finished….
Fortress: Both armies are more powerful.
Matrix: Similar to Glitch, except players have limited abilities to architect events.
Prosperous: Grist drops are increased, more quests are available. Good for lore hunters.

There are more.

Q: What about roletechs?

Roletechs work similarly to the new traits system, and will be superseded by them as such.

Q: What about fraymotifs?

Fraymotifs are likely to be replaced by strife abilities. Some will be purchasable, as usual, others will be unlockable through progression.

If you have any questions you’d like to see in Part 2, feel free to join the Discord to ask, or send an ask to @thelldev and it’ll be included next time!

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Text Post: Overseer v2.5 - Traits


I teased this in the Discord, so it’s only fair I post it here.

As per usual, a disclaimer that none of this is final - be it names, effects, or art - until it’s actually in the game. The art especially is only placeholder.

Traits: Something extra we’re cooking up to add strategy and flavour to characters. On character creation, you’re automatically given two - one “racial” trait, and one role-based trait. (Note: Players picking custom are allowed to pick a 4th regular one instead of a role-based.) The racial trait is determined by species and, if a troll, your caste.

Traits will provide both boosts AND negatives. With the exception of the racial and role based traits, they’re optional, and you don’t have to pick any (Players rolling the “custom” role must pick one trait for fairness, and the racial trait still applies).

Here’s a couple of tentative traits, under the cut.

Keep reading

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Text Post:

Thell has posted an update to the situation over on his devblog - I think most of you will consider it good news! Follow him for more details on in-progress experiments and mechanics for v2 Release!

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