- Added an internal flag to put the game into maintenance mode ahead of updates.


- Finally fixed ALL the Portfolio/Strife Deck bugs!


- Added Derse and Prospit backgrounds for Dreamself actions.


- Fixed Fraymotif bug (Life, Doom II, Heart III should work now).


- Added consort mercenary renaming and equipped weapon display.
- Made the session cookie not expire.
- Completed the set of default inventory images for every abstratus.


- Added session password change feature to the Session Admin page.


- Fixed fraymotif cooldown bug.
- Added one last achievement before the Land Exploration update.
-- Hint: CEBSVYR0100100110101000.


- Added notifications to aspect patterns.
- Added new achievements related to the above, shops, fatigue, mercenaries, moon strifing and more for a total of 21.
- Fixed annoying symbol display bug at character creation.


- Added confirmation message to session deletion.


- Fixed 'missed' achievements: the Overview now checks for them.
- Fixed health gel being too weak in dungeons.
- Fixed bug with mobile interfaces.


- Implemented health gel/vitality gel/healing gel/stuff that you find after beating enemies that heals you.
- Fixed consort shop stock bug.
- Added 'Waste Time' button to the Overview page, with similar features to its v1 counterpart.


- Implemented profiles.
- Added profile links whenever a character name is displayed and improved character display in general.
- Disabled sleeping in dungeons (now there's health gel so it's balanced).
- Fixed a bunch of minor bugs and UI annoyances.


- Implemented Announcements.
- Fixed custom symbol display bug.
- Removed logger message until it actually works.


- Added keyboard controls for dungeons.
-- Arrow keys for moving around.
-- Spacebar to trigger transportalizers/exits or when enter is already used for another action.
-- Enter for advancing strife rounds and triggering link-based progress.
-- By consequence, strifing has partial keyboard support now (basically enter to advance round).
- Added four more achievements for a total of 14.
-- Two are related to player cooperation.
-- And two are related to submitting stuff.
- Minor UI improvements.


- Implemented Notification System.
-- Added a notification when a player joins or leaves the session.
-- Added notifications when a player reaches certain milestones.
-- Added notifications related to SBURB server-client interactions and assisting.
-- Added gristwire and porkhollow notifications.
- Added more achievements for a total of 10.


- Added item rendering and right click actions to the Portfolio.
- Implemented Achievement System.
- Implemented Stat System.
- Added Session Stats.
- Fixed Item Catalogue bug.
- Added achievement display to Character Overview.
- Added four test achievements.
-- Achievements are denizen, inventory, loss and entry-related, for those who want them.


- Added Chain Viewer.


- Added clipboard button to Inventory items (click it to instantly copy codes).
- Minor UI improvements (page title centering, etc).
- Vastly improved Item Catalogue.
- Shortened or removed redundant information from certain items.


- Added inventory interface toggle.
- Implemented Art Uploader (right click on item with no art on the new interface).
- Partially implemented default images for some specibi.
- Added custom character symbol upload.
- Updated Atheneum item display


- Fixed UI text overflow.
- Fixed Porkhollow bugs.
- Fixed Session Viewer bugs.
- Ported the v1 grist viewer.
- Fixed consort shops infinite stock bug.


- Created new inventory interface.
- Ported Session Viewer from v1 with a few extra features.
- Ported Virtual Porkhollow from v1.


- Fixed unclickable area bug.


- Fixed item deletion bug.
- Fixed item duplication bug.
- Fixed page icon/title display problems.
- Fixed ghost item bug.
- Fixed graphical issue regarding long text on the main page.


- Added internal logging tools so we can see pages that are slow.
- QIC now denies creation of unstable items BEFORE filling in fields.


- Added a prompt to QIC to confirm your items.
- Added a check to character creation to ensure an aspect and class are picked.


- QIC no longer lets you make obscenely powerful items at zero cost
- Session deleter implemented (use with caution! All characters in a deleted session are exiled automatically)
- Minor graphical fixes to the HUD


- QIC has had its grist formula reworked.
- QIC now enforces a different operation if it results in a more stable code, and disallows item creation if both operations result in an unstable code.


- Added inventory actions menu to the top of the inventory.
- Shops have been re-enabled and fixed.


- Adjusted consort pricing scheme. Existing consorts will be deleted and boondollars reimbursed on deployment to compensate.


- Consorts no longer take entire stacks of items from storage.
- Logins should now be permanent until you log out.
- Grist can now be wired to other sessions.


- Consorts will now attempt to run away from fights they're underequipped for.
- Consorts now understand the concept of holding things, and will equip themselves with weapons accordingly.
- Consorts can unequip weapons properly, they'll be returned to your storage.
- All consorts now display properly on the page.
- Consorts dying now correctly decrements the count.


- Counter for items in inventory no longer displays one less item than you actually have
- Dungeon loot now persists if you can't pick it up
- Dungeon loot no longer overfills your inventory
- Dungeon loot can no longer be items that are exclusive to another session


- QIC items may no longer exceeed 9999 base power, or any single bonus.
- QIC will no longer make free items.


- Consorts now correctly die.
-- Grist collected is not lost, but any equipped items are.
-- Consorts die after being injured 3 times.
- Consorts can now collect grist higher than Tier 4.
- Consumables can now have completely separate effects for different situations, and can now target
- Mass porting of v1 consumables occurred.
-- Many items explicitly affect the user which might benefit from being targetable. Submissions to update these items are fine.
-- Using an item on someone who cannot currently be reached is essentially shorthand for recycling the item, wiring the grist, and having them rebuild and use it. Note this can only be done outside of strife.
- Recycling from the inventory is now possible
- Strife selector displays things in the proper order and with information about how strong they are
- Failed alchemization attempts show how much grist you still need
- There is now a button to repeat your last selected strife


- Chance for consorts to goof off reduced to 2% from 80% - this should reduce log spam. - General bug fixes.

BETA RELEASE - 27/02/2016

- Added a submit button the the Quick Item Creator form.
- Added the Quick Item Creator itself.
--- The QIC will automaticlaly calculate the maximum power allowed for an item, based on its components.
--- The QIX will automatically calculate the grists needed for an item, based on it's components and user specified weighting. Specific values are not needed, only ratios.
--- The QIC will NOT apply affects, and the item will only be available IMMEDIATELY to the session that created it.
--- Item moderators can approve items for use in the wider game. Any changes made for a push to the rest of the game will be reflected in the session specific item.
- Players can no longer de-invest more grist than was put into a house.
- Once in the medium, the player can now hire consort mercenaries.
--- Each mercenary costs 100,000 boondollars to hire.
--- They'll fight underlings automatically, up to the power of the enemy you've beaten yourself.
--- They have a base power of 20 and can get injured fighting anything stronger.
--- Consorts will automatically help themselves to items in storage to make them stronger.
--- This is limited to weapons - not consumables or armour.
--- Consorts will occasionally goof off instead of fighting.
--- Consorts will collect grist from slain enemies, and hold it for you, ready to collect.
- Added a character log for reading about your session.
- Added big, red warnings to unundoable actions.
- Made the ability to delete characters slightly more obvious.
- Fixed some backend stuff relating to phantom strifers.
- Added session admin panel.
--- Session admins can now adjust player chains.
--- Session admins can specify a new player to be admin.
--- Session admins can exile players.
- Added the Doomheim session, for exiled players.
- Added the ability to reset your password if you registered with a valid email address.
- Added a full item submission form.
--- Added new categories.
--- Current slots: headgear, bodygear, facegear, ring, amulet, back, badge, belt, wrist, misc
- Added the IRRADIATED and PARALYSED status effects.
- Added support for Denizens.
- Added SELFINFLICT and HASRESIST modifiers.
- Added LUCKBOOST status effect.
- Blah has funnier commit logs than I do, and it's annoying me.
- Added some glitch messages. Interesting ones...
- Non-players are now fully healed after strife, including sprites.
- Enemy generation in dungeons now works properly.
- The GLITCH status has a chance to spawn an additional glitch which will last for 5 turns.
- All grist functions, bar collecting from consorts, are now on one page instead of 4.
- You can no longer strife while dreaming if your dreamself is KO'ed.
- Getting KO'ed in strife now inflicts a 100 point fatigue penalty instead of using the KO system from v1.
- Gate 1, Gate 3, and Gate 5 dungeons are now enabled, along with boss tier grist handling.
- Consumables now work properly from the inventory page.
- "All the user's enemies" is now a valid target for consumable use.
- Strife Assist system is now implemented.
--- Assisting strifers can select their combat commands, but only the strife leader can advance to the next round.
--- Leadership can be passed between players.
--- Assisting only works while awake - this will likely be changed soon.
- Abilities can now be learned and viewed.
- Strife command bonuses now print correctly.
- Added Light II fraymotif

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