The Overseer - Original creator of the project and still the main coder and designer. While the foundation he has put down has undeniably been critical to the project's success, he simply don't have all the expertise required or the ability to process all these items and come up with all these ideas.

umbralOptimatum - The other coder that working on V2, UO has provided valuable in many situations, from creating the current consort system to finding new ways to interact with the community.

Thellere - The first half of the server guy duo, Thellere manages hosting and ensures the server can handle anything thrown at it.

Kitty - The second half of the server guy duo, Kitty ensures the server is running smoothly and efficiently. In addition to this, his expertise has brought to the project invaluable organizational functions, not to mention his work implementing CC's design through CSS.

conspicuousClockwork - Head of UI and webpage design, CC draws all aforementioned graphics. Whenever possible, he helps solve smaller bugs and provides player support.

Blahsadfeguie (a.k.a "Babby Overseer") - Former head of content addition in V1, Blah is back on the project helping to fix and implement various features throughout the project using his vast knowledge of TOP's database systems.

The players! - Yes, a lot of games do this and it's somewhat corny and overdone at this point. But we're putting it in anyway because of the overwhelming emphasis this project has on user-submitted content compared to other similar games.

Special thanks - The following people were quintessential to V1. We wouldn't be here without them: C'tri, Loki, iZanami, leviathansReignmaster, Bareth, Malfact, Willy, Void, Verros, Halofire, lizardLord, Sei, Mags, Dent, Mikle, Adelie, Tessou, Gelu, Shinylugia10, adorableSleep, Tea, lethargicDesigner, King of AoDA, Split soul sister, PsycheDox, glamorousTrickster, Sevith, TwofoldCatalcysm, Sho, cyntaxError, and segmentedExplorer. Additional thanks to Joshapi for consort messages.

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