Sun, 17 Sep 2017 09:45:01

Text Post: Weekly update

Well, I’ve made the pogo hammer successfully! That means all the alchemy infrastructure is in place. The bad news is that next is procedural generation, which will be considerably harder…the good news is that this doesn’t prevent me doing things like expanding the house content in the meantime (so adding more Gates and bosses) and adding stuff like aspect patterns. So it’s not a complete development roadblock.

That in mind…the next order of business will probably be building in and subsequently slaughtering an increasingly high level series of underlings.

Sun, 10 Sep 2017 02:19:32

Text Post: Weekly Update

Having systems in place is starting to pay off! It was relatively easy to set it up so that the Gates are visible to your server player and when they build a room containing one the game spawns some enemies to defend it (Two Ogres for the First Gate). Additionally, I have deployed my Designix and got the interface sorted out. Oh yeah and spawned imps get a little imp head icon which is neat.

I still need to make the designix actually DO things, as well as implement the Punch Card Synthesizer (a concession to the fact that I’m sure SOMEONE would flub their way through any finite number of captchalogue cards and get stuck). Once those tasks are done I can make the Pogo Hammer and go beat up those Ogres my stupid server player (DISCLAIMER: also me) spawned in.

Sun, 03 Sep 2017 08:37:36

Text Post: Weekly update

Enemies spawning in your house now work! There’s a spawning time (currently Midnight GMT, no reason it couldn’t be something else), and when this passes a bunch of underlings are spawned. In future I will need to make it remove all underlings currently present so things don’t get, er, out of hand. This process also involved fixing a few bugs that I wasn’t aware were present regarding multiple enemies on the same tile.

Unfortunately, making message appearance not stupid has continued to elude me. This is probably because I am not good at web design. Anyway, next task gameplay-wise is to get alchemy running!

…checks code…

Anyway, next task gameplay-wise is to add more items for the apparently already functioning alchemy system to create! Once that’s done I can set up the first gate appearance (that has Ogres, which my current character wouldn’t be able to defeat)

I guess I should add in XP/leveling at some point as well…

Sat, 26 Aug 2017 23:23:12

Text Post: Weekly Update

I have successfully slain an imp and taken its grist! Not a huge amount else to report, that was actually the intersection of several changes (including spawning enemies from templates, processing drop chances and tiers into actual grist, listing off grists held, etc). It’s still not prototyped, but that’ll probably be significantly easier than processing the drop.

I may take a week or two out to fix up the UI, which has been getting progressively shittier as I ignore it in favour of additional content (since I don’t actually need most of it to test). Nothing major, just making messages appear in their own space on the screen and not behind maps and things.

As a side note, if you join the Discord (linked on the Overseer 2 site at the moment) you might be able to catch some screenshots!

Mon, 21 Aug 2017 03:38:54

Text Post: This Week

So, I’ve now got it to where the enemy spawning function processes their drops from a template to something the game will actually drop and then drops it on defeat. For grist, anyway. It even sends grist out in a radius of 1 around the defeated enemy!

Oh yeah and also grist can now exist on the ground and be picked up and stuff. So now I just need a way to SPAWN the enemies and we’re in business. I guess some kind of actual page to view grist totals mightn’t go amiss either…

Sun, 13 Aug 2017 08:40:22

Text Post: Off to a great start...

So, unfortunately pretty much right after I posted that last one I got sick. That means all I was really able to get done was adding Imps to the enemy table and getting the stair creation working. The good news is, stair creation is working! Building your client’s house up is surprisingly therapeutic, although I’m gonna need a way to speed it up a bit in the later stages of the game.

Anyway, I’m HOPING that by this time next week I’ll be able to have grist drops working and at LEAST imps being fightable if I put one in manually. With any luck I’ll have them appearing automatically, too.

Sun, 06 Aug 2017 08:44:15

Text Post: A weekly update post

Okay, so originally we did an interview and were planning to wait on that being published as a sort of update on where we’re at so far…unfortunately that’s been held up indefinitely, so we’re gonna go ahead with the plan now instead. To that end, here’s the first of a series of weekly update posts:

Current state of the game:
Development is occurring in a start-to-finish fashion, i.e. I am running a character through the game and developing ahead of them. So far they have successfully entered the Medium and begun building on their house, although their entry grist quickly ran out. This has involved most of the expected trappings, including guardian strife, deployment and use of SBURB devices, and so forth.

Next steps:
I have a function to add stairs and thus new levels to the house implemented, but it’s not tested yet. Once that’s tested, I’ll set up something to periodically spawn underlings in your house (don’t worry, once you’re high enough level they’ll be either ignorable or not present) and have the first Gate appear on the 5th or 6th level you build onto your house.

Note that in future posts, rather than talking about the current state of the game we’ll talk about what was done over the last week.

Fri, 19 May 2017 03:59:40

Text Post: The Scratch is now complete

All personal data has unfortunately been wiped, but hopefully starting this thing as an older, more experienced designer and developer will yield more success than the pre-Scratch iteration. Guess there’s only one way to find out!

If you’re not in the loop about this, go here for more details (and also maybe to check out development on some non-HS related neat stuff):

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